World Will End On Friday

I saw a meadow and the flowers growing everywhere,
there was a little girl who tried to follow me anywhere.
I said: "No!", but she didn't want to go she put me into her show
and she said: "I just know."

Strange girl, looking round, fire in her eyes,
she said: "The world will end on a Friday, keep your things alright."
I was looking at her with a smile on my face trying to understand
but she shouted at me and told me with fear:
"Man that will be the end, be the end."

Strange girl, walking legless, talking without moving lips,
she said: "The world will end on a Friday, try to stay away."

"Away", I said, "I feel okay and I just want to play
a game that makes you gay, makes you gay."

I saw a city and the trees were dying everywhere,
there was that little girl who ran beside me everywhere.
She said: "Look, the birds are flown away,
There is no time to play, when damage comes your way."

Strange girl, pointing around flash played on her hand,
she said: "The world will end on a Friday, no one will survive."
I was looking at her with fear in my eyes,
my hair has turned to grey
I looked at the watch and the time seemed to stop.
Thursday was yesterday, yesterday, yesterday

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